We create sustainable signage choices that inspire businesses to improve their environmental impact through branding, sustainability and community.

The problems that we want to solve

  1. Most signs end up in landfill and take hundreds of years to decompose.
  2. Most signs are made from imported materials and have a huge carbon footprint
  3. Most businesses don’t consider the environmental impacts of their decisions


Australian Grown, Made & Owned

Sustainable & Salvaged Timber

Minimised Processing

Minimised Carbon Footprint

Minimised Plastic & Toxicity

Three ways we create better branding choices

Timber Ply Range

Our plastic free sign range is made entirely from sustainably sourced Hoop Pine. The timber is grown and processed in northern New South Wales and Queensland.

We have crafted these signs to maximize the stunning natural detail on the veneer face, and to highlight the exquisite, layered edge detail.

We can laser etch the timber face as a clever (plastic free) way to showcase your brand.

Salvaged Slab Range

Our flagship signs are made from local, salvaged timber. The sustainably sourced non-plantation timber is sourced less than 100km from our Seaford factory.

We have reduced the environmental impact of these signs to a tiny fraction.

When designing and crafting these stunning timber slabs in to amazing feature signs for businesses, we make careful decisions to minimize the use of nasties.

Custom Projects

We undertake custom timber signage projects big and small! If the brief values well branded sustainable signage, we’re on board!

Projects may include commercial
fitouts and construction, interior design installations or architectural builds.

We have the design, production and installation capabilities to execute premium sustainable signage outcomes.

How are our Salvaged Slab Signs made?

Order your plastic-free timber sign today!

Our timber blade signs are prefabricated to meet demand. We have 3 finishes, and 2 sizes available. We laser etch your branding on to both sides of the sign and then ship it straight to you using compostable packaging.

Our packaging is plastic free and compostable or re-usable.

  1. Select your sign
  2. Choose your desired finish and size
  3. Process the order online
  4. Email your logo to hello@signofchange.com.au
  5. We’ll laser etch your sign
  6. We’ll package and send your sign

Timber Blade Sign

Natural Look


Timber Blade Sign

White Wash


Timber Blade Sign

Black Stain


Salvaged Slab Range Process

Proudly located in stunning
Seaford, Victoria.

Our flagship signs are sourced, crafted and implimented within a 100km radius of the material source. Here’s an example:

  1. Wood salvaged from Red Hill
  2. Wood processed in Hastings
  3. Sign fabricated in Seaford
  4. Sign used in Frankston

Total Transit: 52km from source

Proudly Australian grown, made and owned!

Globalization is one of the main contributors to the harm humans have on the planet. We’re proud to be using locally sourced, organic timber to minimize the carbon footprint of all our products.

Sustainably sourced or salvaged Australian timber is a stunning natural resource with a strong connection to our beautiful land. 

What if well executed branding could co-exist with its strong environmental morals?

Lachlan has a love of nature, a love for branding, and a love of local! Lachlan has grown up experiencing the natural beauty of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula area. Lachlan’s goal is to preserve nature and create choices for people to become more sustainably minded.

After running a branding agency for over 10 years, he witnessed the excessive waste that businesses create through advertising.

In 2021, Lachlan started the hunt for signage materials that caused less permanent damage to the natural environment. The result was sustainably sourced timber! The benefits of using sustainably sourced timber are plentiful. Lachy got very excited about creating change in his industry.

Lachlan’s vision is to inspire businesses to be more considered in their day-to-day environmental impact, and what better token to represent that, than a sign that represents a business’s entire identity?

What’s the difference?

Small changes DO make a huge difference! We use natural timber from trees that store carbon and decompose back into the earth 95% sooner than plastic. By using timber, we have minimised the toxicity of our signs by more than 95%. Our primary material is sourced from within Australia reducing transit by more than 90%. Theses are 3 of many examples where a considered and optimised supply chain DOES create positive change.

Recent projects

We’ve helped some awesome local businesses represent their brand or business with Sign of Change signs.

These projects have achieved a high quality of brand interest, with minimal cost to the planet!

Plastic Free Sign Range


Source: New South Wales

Processing: Seaford

Location of Use: Tyabb

100% Plastic Free

The Hive Beauty

Source: New South Wales

Processing: Seaford

Location of Use: South Melbourne

100% Plastic Free

South Supply

Source: New South Wales

Processing: Seaford

Location of Use: Mornington

100% Plastic Free

Case Study: Custom Salvaged Timber Sign for Natural Wood Floors

The timber used in this sign for Natural Wood Floors was sourced from Red Hill. Red hill is 37km from our Seaford factory and 38km from the location of use. The selected timber is solid piece of messmate (Eucalyptus Obliqua). We suggested keeping the ‘live edge’ of the slab to best connect what our clients business name ‘Natural Wood Floors’.