How Sign of Change represents what business should be

8 March 2022

For a long, long time, businesses have been focused on nothing but making money.

Granted, this has started to change over the past decade or so, but the vast majority of businesses are still narrowly focussed on how much they can make.

At Sign of Change, we are proud to think differently than most businesses. We don’t think in terms of how much money we can make, rather how much of a positive impact we can have.

We are showcasing that by having a strong sense of purpose in your business, one which directly has a positive impact to the world or your community, is not just the right thing to do, it is good for business too.

We truly believe what we are building is the forefront of the next age of business. One where sustainability is at the core of every decision made. We hold this true to our heart, and our vision is a world where all other businesses do as well.

We see our sustainable, locally sourced timber signage solutions as a gateway for businesses making better choices. Our unique and innovative combination of sustainable materials and exceptional design, branding, and storytelling expertise showcases to business that making the better choice is the right choice. Right for the world, the community, but also them as a business.

And this isn’t just to do the right thing at the expense of money. Making a profit is still important, and crucial in your business having ongoing positive impact.

But the good news?

More than ever, consumers are becoming more aware and conscious of who they engage with. Consumers want to see that businesses care, and we believe that there is no easier way to communicate this than through the very signage a business uses to represent them and their brand.

Our vision is large, but also simple. We are taking a pragmatic approach to a complex issue by simply instilling to our community, that we should make the better choice, always.

Its important to remember – progress, not perfection.

And the exciting thing is we are already building a community of businesses who think in the same way.

Our local timber partners for example share the same values and attitude towards sustainability and environmental impact. This strong local relationship increases our positive impact but also mitigates supplier chain issues from over-reliance on importing materials.

A win for us, a win for another local business, a win for the planet, and a win for our communities. If you want to join in on this awesome and quickly growing community, give us a buzz, we would absolutely love to have you.