What we do and why we do it

1 March 2022

We get asked a lot here at Sign of change – ‘what do you do?’ – and for us, this is the easy question to answer.

We create stunning timber signage products that are more sustainable than commonly used traditional options.

Simple, right?

Well, yes, and no.

We have a much bigger purpose than producing stunning timber signage.

What we ACTUALLY do is deeper than this. We create products that inspire and empower businesses to improve their environmental impact through branding and sustainability.

We are building a passionate community of environmentally conscious businesses, educating them about the branding opportunities that exist which can simultaneously improve their environmental impact.

But, why? Why are we so passionate about building this community, and educating these businesses?

With over 10 years’ experience in the signage industry, we have seen just how unsustainable the signage industry is. With this first-hand experience and hours upon hours of research, we have summarised all of it and identified 3 key problems that we are aiming to solve.

  1. The signage industry has a significantly negative environmental footprint, with most signage being constructed from environmentally harmful materials which take hundreds of years to decompose.
  2. The Australian signage industry relies heavily on importing materials from overseas, contributing to an immense carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously neglecting support for the local economy.
  3. Businesses are often unaware, uneducated, or unphased about the environmental impacts of their signage decisions.

We see these key problems as significant issues which need a solution, and we think it is our responsibility to give one.

Businesses need signage solutions that can represent them and their brand in a modern way, with modern values. Values that show their customers they care about more than money, but they care about the planet and the community in which they operate in.

This is what Sign of Change offers, sustainable signage options that gives business an opportunity to present themselves in a way that they, and their customers, can be proud of.

And the really cool thing is customers really do care. Customers care about the values of businesses that they buy from. They care that the business can be part of the solution for the worlds problems, not the cause.

So, you ask what we do, and why we do it?

There has been no better time to be a business that is helping the world become a better place.

Like never before, businesses who take a stance and actively invest in doing good are being rewarded, by customers, and their wallets.

So, now you know what we do and why we do it.

The real question is – are you going to take the leap and start showing your customers what your true values are?

If we can do it, you can do it too.