Why your signage and branding is crucial for business success

15 March 2022

When people think about their business signage, they don’t often understand the direct relation it has to their overall brand presence and image.

But when you think about it, your signage is literally the face of your business.

And for a lot of businesses their shopfront, reception, or general interior is still the first impression many potential customers will have with them.

Think about places like a café, retail store, or even somewhere like a dentist clinic. All of these places still heavily rely on the in person experience they can give. Yes, they may have a website or social media, but the very first reaction someone may have with you could just as easily be in person.

So, if this is the case, your choice of signage can play a huge role in determining how potential customers perceive you.

And if your signage is the face of your brand, it is also the face of what you stand for, and the values your business is proud to represent.

Which is why we are a proud advocate for ensuring this image is something you can be proud of.

More and more customers are making purchasing decisions based on what the business stands for. It helps customers distinguish between purchasing from a company that cares about their impact in the world, and those who only care about the bottom line. And if you offer a similar service or product as someone else, this is what the modern-day consumer is using to split the difference.

Something that may seem as trivial as what signage decision you make, could be costing you dearly in customer loyalty.

And as we know from the branding world, loyalty to your business (brand) is one of the most sought after metrics – and for good reason.

The more your customers buy into your values, the more loyal they are likely to be.

And the more loyal they are, the more they will pay for your products or services – which in reality is a win for everyone.

You as a business can be proud of having a positive impact in the world, whilst also earning more money. And the customer can support a business that their values are aligned with.

And to think, this can all start from the trivial decision of what you are going to do with your signage.

This entire thought is exactly why Sign of Change started. We were sick of businesses not having the opportunity to represent the face of their brand in a way that is sustainable and local.

Sign of Change fills this gap.

We offer businesses high quality sustainable timber signage.

Signage that is good for their business and good for the business.

So the question is, are you ready to take the leap and invest in yourself, your customers, and the planet?